Creating impact with strategy design and tech.

Our human-centered approach helps our customers to look through the eyes of their audience. We keep it clear and simple, so that we arrive at insightful conclusions together. We use research, our own expertise and service design techniques.

We create websites and apps. But if a poster works better, why fight it? It usually is a combination: different media come together to narrate the entire story. As long as it creates impact.

‘Grrr achieves innovation using a human-centred approach. As board of directors, we just return from a business trip in the US, and we can rightly say ‘GRRR reminds us of Silicon Valley”

Chief Investment Officer, national pension executive

We believe sharing is at the core of innovation, that’s why we organise workshops and teach classes in the Netherlands, France, the US and Ghana. We also published a book on typography (sorry, it’s in Dutch).