GRRR ❤️ open source

We are excited about working in the open. Sharing with the larger development community is great, but working on public code is in itself a good validation mechanism. If it’s out there, you want it to be good, well thought out, well documented code.

So we don’t shy away from contributing to existing packages through pull requests, and actively maintain packages ourselves. See below for a list of open source work:

Back-end & Architecture

  • Garp\Functional, PHP utility library embracing functional programming paradigms.
  • 12g, administration tool for development and devops, according to the 12factor principles as applied by GRRR.
  • Lambda@Edge hostname redirect, a Lambda@Edge function for doing CloudFront hostname redirects (blogpost).


Front-end & Tooling

  • Accessible Tabs, spec-compliant accessible tabs enhancer.
  • Cookie Consent, cookie consent with accessible dialog, agnostic tag triggers and conditional content, script and embed hooks.
  • Gulpfile, runner of Gulp tasks as configurable but opinionated gulpfile.
  • Hansel, runner of JavaScript handlers and enhancers (blogpost).
  • Ready, simple DOM ready & document loaded JavaScript listeners.
  • Utils, a very pragmatic, lightweight JavaScript utility library.

We welcome collaboration, so make sure to send us your issues and pull requests!