We're hiring!

We’re looking for a creative front-end developer to help us create awesome work.

If you relate to the subjects we write about on this blog, and would like to collaborate on this stuff, head over to the full job opening!

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About us

It’s our mission to provide meaningful experiences on the web. Accessibility and UX are therefore at the forefront of everything we do, and we consider a sustainable back-end to be a natural extension of that.

We like simple tech, not to be confused with easy tech. We might be the last people on Earth still creating websites using vanilla JavaScript. Not because it’s punk, but because we want to invest in long-term solutions, and are very reluctant to introduce performance strains on anyone.

Our focus is on serverless architecture, accessibility, and web performance.

Where possible we release our work as open source packages on our GitHub page. We love to collaborate, and we’re not afraid to be told we’re doing it wrong.